Secure financial, health, business and personal data

Protect your identity

Stay anonymous with no name, identity or profile. Use a pseudo name for your private key. Create riddles about your personal life, things you remember naturally, but not easily known to others. You can add upto 99 riddles over time as your data grows. You don't need a password.

Store historical data with timeline

Store account ids and passwords. Keep education updates of your children. Post medical records, bank account details, financial data, business agreements, employment documents, legal deeds, tax data and other private information important to you. Create unlimited datasheets by category. Add data and files when needed to maintain historical updates with timeline.

Connect privately with trusted people

Connect datasheet with a family member, friend, colleague, your physician, agent or associate privately with coedit or readonly access, or connect with someone external who does not even have an account. None of them will be able to sub-connect your datasheet further. Moreover, they will not see each other as they are privately connected to you.

Let your family inherit important data

Your important data may be crucial for your family too. In times of emergency, when you are unable to access yourself, your inheritor will get auto-access to your data after a period as set by you. This will help them access crucial information they may not even be aware exists or may not have access to otherwise. When you login again, the inheritor will automatically lose the access.

Access with no internet

For data, documents and files that must always be accessible in your device with or without internet connectivity, bookmark them for offline access. Your bookmarks will be encrypted in your device, accessible simply by clicking the bookmark icon on home page header. You can view, download and even share them using the apps installed in your device.