Total Privacy

User, data and social privacy for your digital footprint

Total Privacy

To protect you from identity misuse or theft, we keep you anonymous. We do not ask for any information that can identify our users. This includes your email, mobile, contacts and location too.

To protect your data, we encrypt it at multiple levels on the frontend, network and the server with modern technologies, tools and techniques not many apps provide. Our encryption is such that even we cannot read your data in the backend.

To protect you socially, we have private connects for you to share your data privately, with both internal and external users. If you do not connect with anyone, nobody can see you or your data.

Our user + data + social privacy model is to give you end-to-end protection for your identity and sensitive data. You remain private by default, and your data private by design.

Privacy by default

No user identity
No user profiling
No user tracking
No device intrusion
No cookies
No advertising

Privacy by design

Be known only by your share handle

Your share handle is your only public identity in riddlock. If you do not create one, nobody can see or connect with you. Even when you create your share handle, it is not displayed to other users by default. They have to know it in order to connect. We urge our users to create a share handle that does not disclose their identity.

Your connected data cannot go viral

Only you can connect your private data with internal or external users. Those already connected to it cannot further connect it with others. If your data has been inherited, the inheritor will have the same access rights as you.

External connects are password-protected

You can connect a datasheet with users who do not have an account. All you need to do is set a password and connect external users with their email id. They will receive an email with the datasheet hyperlink and its password, until you disconnect them. You can connect any datasheet with any number of external users.

What you do not connect remains private

The data you store is private by default, accessible only by you. Users you may have connected previously with other data will not have access to your new data until you connect it too. This is to give you total control over what you connect, with whom, when and how.

Your data is protected through generations

If you have a medical or other emergency, your inheritor can get auto-access to your data during such times of need. If your inheritor has a similar emergency, his or her inheritor will get the access. Any number of levels of such inheritances can be created to ensure your data is not lost.

Your offline data remains encrypted in your device

When you bookmark important data and files for offline access, they are stored encrypted in your device with modern WebCrypto encryption in which the decryption key is never exposed even to us. Your offline data can be accessed by your private key, the same you use for online login.

Your private key and riddle are self-encrypted

If your private key is 'james-bond', it is encrypted with itself and stored in the database. This means it can be decrypted only with 'james-bond' when you login again. Similarly your riddles. For this reason, even we cannot help you if you forget your private key or riddles.

You can change your login key any time

Uniquely in riddlock, you can change your private key for login any time and any number of times. You may want to do this in case you believe it is compromised or as a general precaution from time to time. When you do so, your online and offline data remain unaffected.