Total Privacy

Only you can see your asset data

Online theft of identity and data is rampant. Many apps profile users, exploit data and are selective about privacy.

anonymous anonymous

Stay anonymous

Riddlock never asks for your name, identity, profile, date of birth, gender, email, mobile or any other personally identifiable information. We do not track or profile users.

User privacy

No identity theft

No tracking or profiling

Stay secure

Riddlock encrypts your data in the device, on the internet and the server. Our encryption is multi-layered and unique to each user such that even we cannot read your data in the backend. We do not use any cookies.

Data privacy

No user cookies

No backend data access

privacy privacy
hidden hidden

Stay hidden

By default, you remain hidden from all users. You are known only by your share handle for you to connect data with trusted users. Your share handle will never be displayed to users not connected with you.

Social privacy

No exposure to other users

No auto-connects

Total Privacy

Riddlock provides total privacy as a combination of user privacy, data privacy and social privacy. Our users are private by default and their data private by design.

Data Security

Riddlock uses a combination of industry-leading technologies for security of user data.

AES 256 encryption for backend data encryption

RSA public-private key pairs for data connects

Web cryptography for data encryption in device

Encrypted data in IndexedDb on user device

Content Security Policy to prevent frontend attacks

SSL and encrypted data transfer between device and server