Asset Data

De-risk with asset consolidation

Important asset information is often left scattered because regular filing is tedious.

Get private asset vault

Secure asset information with multi-layer encryption. Store passwords, information of your funds, insurances and properties, legal documents, identity proofs and more. Consolidate for easy access, private connects with family and inheritance.

Categorized asset groups

Encryption unique to each user

Separate password manager not needed





Make custom asset groups

Got an art collection? Make an asset group "Art". Want to record philanthropic initiatives, adventure sports and other achievements, create custom asset groups. Reflect real-life milestones for posterity.


Linked with real life

Protect your family for life, and after

Add asset data you access regularly or your family may need in your absence. Passwords, bank accounts, fixed deposits and medical insurance are some of the things families typically need access to.

Discover hidden data

Eliminate struggle for family

password funds property insurance

Edit online

Access offline

Store online, access offline

Once you store online, your data will be available offline in your device. This is to ensure continuous access even with no internet.

We use AES 256 encryption for data stored on the server and Web Cryptography in your device for offline access. These are leading industry-standards for data security.

Online and offline data encryption

Device independent