Off on a trip?
Going trekking?
Running a marathon?
Going off-grid?
Fear of the unknown?
Worried about family?
Enjoy off-roading?
On an adventure?
Like scuba diving?
Too much travel?
Love fast cars?
Got a risky job?
Got a medical condition?
Keeping unwell?
Too much driving?
Unsure about the future?
Plan to bungee-jump?
Venturing into the wild?
Own important assets?
Too many liabilities?
Not young any more?
Gained too much weight?
Own several properties?
Invested in stocks?
Have one or more loans?
Living on the edge?
Sedentary lifestyle?
Into dangerous sports?
Have dependents in life?
Living under stress?
Genetic health issues?
Not enough exercise?
Physically not active?

Protect loved ones in case you are down, out or off

Put important data
Connect family
Add inheritor

Protect Loved Ones

Your passwords, bank details, insurances and other important data, receipts and documents are a summary of your real-life assets. Your spouse, partner or family may need your passwords when you are away. They may need to refer to an insurance policy or respond to an agent query about your family property. God forbid, if you are stuck in a medical emergency, they may also need funds urgently.

Use private connects to keep your loved ones connected real-time. Use inheritance when you are not around, temporarily or for long.

Forgotten accounts, insurances, stocks, properties and other unclaimed assets run into $billions in every country.

Timeline Your Data

Group your data into categories. You can create categories for your bank (Citibank), insurance (AIG), job (IBM) and so on. Post data updates and files from time to time. Create a data timeline to maintain history of updates.

Connect Privately

Connect passwords, bank details and property documents with your partner. Connect work data with peers, associates or suppliers. Connect medical history with an external doctor. Stay hidden from all if you do not want to connect.

Add Inheritor

Choose a trusted inheritor for your data. Inheritance will auto-trigger on inactivity set by you. It will auto-reset if you re-login. It will pass on to the next if your inheritor is also inactive. Get zero data loss with inheritance from one generation to the next.

Stay Offline

Stay offline by default to access your data. Go online to edit only. It is estimated that 90% times one accesses existing data, and it is only 10% times when we actually update. Reduce online exposure and risk.

Hide Your Identity

We do not ask for your name, identity, email id, mobile number, gender, date of birth or any other personally identifiable information. We have no cookies or analytics for tracking. Stay protected from identity theft.

Get Total Privacy

Privacy in riddlock is a combination of user, data and social privacy. Our users are anonymous, their data encrypted and their connects hidden. Privacy is in-built by default and by design in all our features. Even we cannot read your data in the backend.

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