Total privacy protection for life. Inheritance shield for family.

No identity, tracking or cookies.
Keep private data locked with riddles. Store, connect and share privately. Give inheritance to your family for emergencies.

Total Privacy

We deliver privacy as a combination of user, data and social privacy. We never ask for your name, identity or profile. Your data is encrypted and connects private. Our total privacy platform is to shield you from identity and data theft.

Encrypted Data

We protect your data with modern security tools and techniques at multiple levels on the frontend, network and the server. Our encryption is unique for every user such that even we cannot read your data or files in the backend.

Data Templates

Use our customizable templates to store passwords, financial, health, business and personal information. Post unlimited data, documents, pictures, video and files when needed. Maintain historical updates with timeline.

Private Connects

Connect selected data items with others privately as coedit or readonly. Connected users cannot further connect your data with others, nor can they see each other except you. What you do not connect stays private.

External Professionals

Connect datasheet with professionals, who do not have an account, for advice or consultancy. Connect with your physician, tax consultant or other external people. Share datasheet with chronological update history.


Use inheritance to empower your family for emergencies. Your ids, passwords, bank account, medical, insurance or business data and documents may be needed by your family when you are unable to access yourself.

Offline Access

Access important data and files offline by bookmarking them. You can then access these even without internet connectivity. This will give you access in remote areas, basements, elevators and other such spaces.

One With Nature

Personalize the user interface with our nature themes. Simply select a theme by clicking the home page logo and a random background picture will show on every page thereafter. Change again when you want a new theme.