Does your family have information of your assets in case you are down, out or off?

Use asset data inheritance for bank accounts, funds, deposits, stocks, insurances, property and even passwords.

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Don't let your assets go "unclaimed", in life and after.

Forgotten accounts, insurances, stocks, properties and other unclaimed assets run into $billions in every country. They are "forgotten" because we do not share their information with family when we can. You may have a nominee or a legal will, but they would first need your asset information anyway.

Keep loved ones privately connected with your asset data at all times. Use inheritance when you are not around, temporarily or for long.

What is meant by asset data?

Your bank account is an example of a financial asset. Access to it is controlled by your customer id, net banking password and other parameters. Such "asset data" is true for any asset you may own or are entitled to.

Why is my asset data important?

Your passwords, information about your bank accounts, stocks, funds, property, mortgages or insurances link with your real-life assets. Many assets go unclaimed because families do not have this data.

What happens if assets are unclaimed?

In most countries, bank accounts, stocks, retirement funds, properties, insurances and other assets go to the government if they remain unclaimed for a given number of years. Once this happens, re-claiming them is a long, tedious and costly process.

Is it not enough to have a nominee?

Do we remember who our nominee was in an insurnace policy bought years ago? Does the nominee know about the asset? Is the nominee part of your life now? Have they moved on or relocated? Most often, nominee information becomes outdated over time.

Why can't I just make a legal will?

Majority of us do not have a will. Those who do, they do it mostly in old age as we associate it with death. If one meets with a medical emergency, the will does not come into force. When it eventually does, not all asset information is included because we often "forget" to update.

How can I prevent unclaimed assets?

Use private connects to share asset data with your spouse, partner or family in case you are away. Use inheritance to transfer it to a trusted family member, temporarily in an emergency, or permanently after you. This will ensure your assets are not forgotten or unclaimed.

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