total privacy protection for your

No identity, tracking or cookies.
Keep private data locked with riddles. Store, connect and share privately. Access offline. Give inheritance to your family for emergencies.

Total Privacy

We deliver total privacy as a combination of user, data and social privacy. We never ask for your name, identity or profile. Your data is encrypted and connects private. Our total privacy platform is to shield you from identity and data theft.

Encrypted Data

We protect your data with encryption in the backend, in the frontend, and in user-to-user connects. This is done in such a way that even we cannot read your data or files in the backend.

Data Templates

We have customizable templates to store financial, health, business and personal data. Our datawall can be used for quick-reference items and datasheet for posting data and files with timeline to maintain historical updates.

Personal Connects

Our users can connect datasheets with internal and external users privately. Connected users cannot further connect the datasheet with others, nor can they see each other. What you do not connect stays private with you.

Private Groups

Our group is a private network. It can have unlimited subgroups and users. Data in one subgroup is not visible to another. You can create personal groups with family, peer groups with friends or business groups with associates.


Digital inheritance empowers you to give access of your data to your family for emergencies. Your passwords, bank, medical, insurance and other crucial data could help your family when you are unable to access it yourself.

External Share

Our users can share data and files or a full datasheet with external users who do not have an account. Data and files can be shared in any of the apps on your device. Datasheet can be shared as a password protected hyperlink.

Offline Access

We have the unique feature of offline access of data and files bookmarked by you. You can access these even without internet connectivity. Your account ids, passwords and important files can thus be available anywhere anytime.

One With Nature

Being nature lovers, we have created many nature themes for you. Simply select a theme by clicking the home page logo and a random background picture will show on every page. Change daily if you like to try new themes.