Protect loved ones in case you are down, out or off

Make a private family network to store, connect and inherit asset information of funds, loans, insurances, property and even passwords.

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Scattered on paper, files, emails and apps, your asset information stays hidden. Unclaimed assets run into billions in most countries.


$80 billion


£77 billion


₹100 crore



Consolidate information of your assets. Encourage family members to do the same in their account. Create a private family network to connect and inherit.


Use private connects to keep your family updated at all times. Use inheritance in case of emergencies. Stay secure with user, data and social privacy.

Is it for you?

You are a teenager with passwords as your only asset

You are a young adult starting a professional career

You have a spouse or partner as your emergency backup

You have parents or children who depend on you

You struggle to manage information about your assets

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