total privacy
by default, by design
Are you aware of identity theft?
Is someone reading your data?
Are your passwords secure?
Is your financial data encrypted?
Is your health data truly private?
Is your business data safe?
Do you use free email?
Is your family socially exposed?

Follow a zero-trust online policy. Protect your identity. Lock financial, health, business and personal data with encryption. Share privately with family, friends and associates. Access offline. Riddlock never asks for your name, profile, email, mobile or any personal information. It cannot read your data.

Total Privacy

We believe in user privacy, data privacy and social privacy. We never ask for your name, identity, profile or any personal information like date of birth, gender, email id, mobile or other contact. This is to keep you anonymous.

Encrypted Data

We protect your data and files by encrypting them using , and . They stay encrypted when transmitted from your device to the server. They are stored encrypted on the server.

Data Templates

Use customizable templates for financial, health, business, personal and other data. Post new data or edit. Use formatting options to personalize. Attach files and comments. Bookmark important data and files.

Personal Connects

You can connect a datasheet with one or more internal users privately for coedit or readonly. Connected users cannot further connect your datasheet with others. What you do not connect stays private with you.

Private Groups

Group is a private network for ongoing collaboration. You can create groups with family, friends or associates. A group can have unlimited subgroups and users. Data in one subgroup is not visible in another.

External Share

You can share data and files or a full datasheet with external users who do not have an account. Data and files can be shared in any of the apps on your device. Datasheet can be shared as a password protected hyperlink.

Access Offline

Access your bookmarked data and files offline. Get your passwords and important data even without internet connectivity. Preview txt, docx, pptx, xlsx and pdf files. Share data and files with other apps installed on your device.

One With Nature

Being nature lovers, we have created many nature themes for you. Select a theme by clicking the home page logo and a randomly selected background picture will show on every page. This is just to bring our users closer to nature!