Asset Data

Organized Timeline

We often have a lot of information about our financials, property and other assets in email or messages, or we keep it on paper, computer files or online storage. Studies suggest that if data is organized, it leads to high productivity and low stress. Keep your asset information grouped in categories in a data timeline in riddlock.

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Data Timeline

Similar to any social timeline, a data timeline is a historical sequence of life's milestones. The history of our financials, stocks, property, mortgages, health, insurance, work records, tax receipts, employment and personal accomplishments may come useful now and in the future. Subconciously it gives better control and peace of mind.

Data Sheet

A datasheet is a timeline of your asset data. You can post new data as text and a set of related files. Every such post gets added to the datasheet with a new timeline. If you post medical updates about your health over a period of time, the datasheet will reflect your health history. It can help you and your physician evaluate your health progress from time to time.

Data Category

You may add unlimited datasheets, one for each asset you own, or for any information you wish to preserve. Grouping them under specific and personalized categories will give you quick access. You can create a category for your bank, company or family member as you deem fit. There is no limit to the number of categories and you can have unlimited datasheets in each.

Data Access

Access your data offline even when you have no internet connectivity. Your dashboard will list all your data categories and the datasheets in each. It will also include the accounts you may have inherited and the data they contain. It is possible that you have multiple inherited accounts. Simply select a category to view its datasheets. Select any datasheet to view or update.

Data Security

We store all user data on the server with encryption unique to each user. Offline data on your device is also similarly encrypted. If you change your device, your data will get auto-reconciled in the new device. In case you lose your device, your data will stay encrypted and inaccessible without your private key.

Data Privacy

Your data gets decrypted only when you login. We do not use any cookies nor do we profile your data or track your inputs for any business purposes. As your data stays encrypted on our server, we cannot read it in the backend. Our total privacy principle is to protect you even from ourselves.