Protect Your Family

Can your family access your secure data in emergencies?

Protect your family. Grant them access to your data in case of emergencies. Make your ids, passwords, bank account, insurance, mortgage and other important information available to them when you are unable. Create digital inheritance like a 'power of attorney' for your data.

Create Digital Inheritance
Give access to the one inheritor you trust. Enter inactive days after which you want your inheritor to get auto-access to your account with your currently logged-in credentials. If you login again, the inheritor will lose the access.
1 If you set inactive days = 5 and inheritor as your daughter, she will get data access to your account if it remains inactive for 5 days. 2 After 2x inactive days = 10, she will get full access to add or delete riddles, change your private key and even delete the account.
To reset inheritor access, simply login as owner.
For data inheritance you must have minimum 3 riddles. You have now. Add more to proceed.
Enter inactive days and share handle of your inheritor
Inactive days
Full access in 2x inactive days = 0
Inheritance opted on
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Your inheritor knows your private key and riddle. Change them if the inheritor is no longer trusted.