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Store financial, health, business and personal data. Access offline. Pay only for unlimited use.


Use share handle to connect with internal and external users. What you don't connect stays private.


Create private groups with unlimited subgroups and users. Invite friends, family or associates to join.


Use dashboard to manage your account

Toggle between accounts, groups or subgroups of a group. See data items. Check alerts. Manage your personal riddles and privacy settings. Opt for offline and push notifications if supported by your device. Use the dashboard to control your account centrally.

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create new group or join an existing one
make personal private networks
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Trusted device is personal and not shared.
Access Bookmarks Offline See Rules
1 Add offline bookmarks in trusted devices only. 2 If you change your device, add offline bookmarks again in the new device. 3 Modifying bookmarks in one device will not update them in your other devices. 4 Your device must have disk space for offline bookmarks. 5 Bookmark only frequently accessed items. 6 Keep your private key confidential at all times.
Notifications are blocked on your device
Get Connect/Data Notifications Stop Notifications
Push notifications is set for another user on this device. For data privacy, it can be enabled for one user only. Option to enable will show if the other user resets.
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