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Start with a new datasheet. Enter data category, title, text and files. Post unlimited data to create a historical timeline. Connect privately with trusted internal and external users. Choose your inheritor and inactive days to trigger your inheritance.
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We store your data encrypted on device for offline access. If you use another device, have connects or inheritance, get latest to reconcile. Your last online access was on .
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Set inactive days after which your inheritor will get auto-access to your data. Simply re-login to get the access back.
As an example, if I become inactive due to an emergency, my wife inherits my data. If she goes inactive, my daugher inherits from her, which includes my data. If my wife logs in again, my inheritance goes back to her. If I re-login, it comes back to me.
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No complex passwords but riddles created by you of things you can remember naturally. Add more riddles as your data grows. Minimum riddles you should have are .
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Create a share handle to connect privately and for inheritance. Your share handle will not be displayed to other users by default. Share it with trusted users only.
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Change your private key periodically or when you feel it is compromised. Always use a long complex key, like a pseudo name, your life's motto or a unique identifier.
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If you are not satisfied with riddlock, you can delete your account any time you want. We will permanently delete your data in our next purge cycle.
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Enter category, title, data and files.
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To connect an external user, set a password first.
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Connect external user with their email id to auto-email a link to your datasheet.
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