Why Riddlock

Total privacy shield for your identity, data and family

Are you concerned about identity theft?

Riddlock does not ask for your name, identity, profile, gender, date of birth, email, mobile, contacts or any personally identifiable information. We do not track your device or location. We do not use cookies or analytics for any personal data. We offer total privacy.

Should nobody other than you see your data?

Riddlock encrypts your data at multiple levels using your private key, riddles, system-generated vault keys and public-private keys as per leading industry-standards. This makes encryption unique for every user such that even we cannot read your data or files in the backend.

Could your family need your data in emergencies?

Riddlock's digital inheritance feature empowers you to protect your family in emergencies. They can inherit your data at times you are unable to access it yourself. The inheritor you choose can automatically get access to your account if it is inactive for a period set by you, until you login again.

Do you want to access your data with no internet?

Riddlock provides offline access for the data, pictures, video, documents and files selected by you. You can simply bookmark what is important from time to time. Then access your bookmarked data and files offline with no internet connectivity in basements, elevators and other limited spaces.

Would you want to share your data privately?

Riddlock is safe for all age groups. Our age-group rating in App Store is 4+ and in Google Play 3+. Use riddlock for what is private or secret like your ids and passwords, or confidential like financial and health information. Connect privately with internal users or external people to share the data you choose. Everything else remains private with you.

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Are you tired of constant tracking or advertising?

Riddlock does not use cookies or analytics to track its users. We do not use any third party analytics. We use our own analytics solely for the purpose of enhancing our features. We do not profile our users nor use any third party products or services for advertising.