Privacy for life, and after

Claiming an asset is easy provided one knows it exists

No Identity Theft

We never ask for your name, identity, profile, gender, date of birth, email, mobile, contacts or any personally identifiable information. We do not track your device or location. We do not use cookies or analytics for any personal data. We offer total privacy.

Total Privacy Patent (application# 202311051922, India)

Total Data Privacy

We encrypt your data such that even we cannot read it in the backend. Your data is uniquely encrypted using your private key, personal riddles and system-generated vault key, connect key and public-private keys as per leading industry-standards. This makes encryption unique for every user.

Zero Data Loss

Our data inheritance feature ensures zero data loss for you. Your data can flow through generations, cascading from one inheritor to the next, in a tree-structure, as and when it gets triggered. It is like property inheritance going from one inheritor to the next.

Digital Inheritance Patent (application# 202311046748, India)

10% Online Exposure

Our "offline first" policy keeps our users offline for data access. It is for updates only that one is required to go online, then switch to offline automatically. It is estimated that 90% of the times one accesses existing data and does not update. We plan to introduce offline updates also in future.


Riddlock is safe for all age groups. Our age-group rating in App Store is 4+ and in Google Play 3+. See riddlock age-rating in or . We understand that users will continue to use social media. But for what is private or confidential, they can switch to riddlock for protection against identity theft, data exploitation and online trolling.